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Being a Part of the Cloud

So, primarily to get away from my desktop (see my previous post below) - the solution appears to be resorting to Cloud computing in some shape or form.

 Gaming Entertainment

The biggest issue currently, that will dissuade me the most from becoming a citizen of the cloud is that I won’t be able to play games with my low-spec terminal (in this case, in my room, it’ll be a 2012 Mac Mini).

Luckily for me; I actually stumbled across a wonderful solution! Parsec.tv - an amazing, free, 1080p 60fps cloud gaming application. Steam In-Home Streaming has never worked well for me, but this evening I gave it a go with a brand new release Sea of Thieves!

The experiment worked spectacularly - the quality of the game is more than adequate. My Laptop (off-site) reached on average about 40fps; and the input lag was more than acceptable for adventuring, fighting the undead and firing cannons to deal

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Floating into the Clouds…

Since the start of the year, I’ve been working towards making the technology and capabilities of the tech I use in my every day life, a whole lot more comfortable and less cluttered.

I’ve been looking into a minimalist lifestyle after realizing whilst trying to plan on moving out - that I have way too much crap in my life to accommodate such a move.

There’s a pretty simple rule/goal I keep in mind now with each of the gadgets, tech or ideas I have:

It should, as seamlessly as possible, integrate into my everyday life and tasks. I shouldn’t have to worry about how I’m doing something, or if I can do something.

And the best way I can think of that, is to no longer be tied to a desk in order to do all the programming, design, development, gaming and media consumption.

It would enable me to have a much more enriched quality of life, being able to go out, and adventure around, and when

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jtiong.com site, and integration

Well, I’ve got my website slowly being redeveloped into something a little more presentable. I’ve integrated it (very loosely through RSS feed) with my actual blog on svbtle.com

It’s not as prolific a website as Medium.com or Wordpress, and in fact is little more than a blank page and some text input areas, but it serves its purpose as an ongoing always-on blogging service.

You’ll see me doing a lot more updates to this blog now that it’s running, and they’ll be slightly briefer posts, I suppose. For now, I think I’ve found a happy balance between creating my own CMS, and using my existing subscription to svbtle, where content and data are promised to be kept online

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My Keyboard Layout


See and Download my Current Layout Here

Back at the start of the year, I picked up an Ergodox EZ keyboard; in an effort to save my wrists from the terrors of RSI. The keyboard, is actually quite alien compared to most standard keyboards, with something of a split QWERTY layout, it still bugs a lot of people when they see the keyboard.


Needless to say, it’s taken me quite some time, in fact, I still am adapting to using this keyboard. It doesn’t help even more that I’m using a regular shaped keyboard at work everyday, either.

I still make a lot of typo errors, and I’ll stumble every now and then based on games asking me to press certain non-alphanumeric keys (Ctrl, Shift, etc.) and I sorely miss the arrow keys being in that familiar up/down/left/right shape on a regular keyboard. Instead, it’s an almost Vi-esque left/right/up/down setup. Still, I’ve persisted, and my typing speed

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2018! Wow it’s been a while…!

My last update was quite a while ago…! Coincidentally it’s also about a topic that I think I should write about again, just to see what’s changed since then!

In my time away, I’ve since started stabilising things regarding my personal career as a coder/developer/designer, and really, have started looking for a place online to write and journal my story. Enter this blog!

So, hopefully, you’ll see me updating this thing a bit more regularly, with a few more personal musings than before.

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Working in Windows again, with the power of the Atom!

So, as you read in my last post - I recently got a new Gigabyte Laptop to start using as my all-in-one gaming and development device. This has recently meant that I’ve returned to the Windows ecosystem after developing and coding in Unix/OS X for the last 2.5 years professionally.

It’s a helluva change…!

My previous working arrangement was:

  • Sublime Text 3 as my primary text editor for coding
  • The built-in Terminal application to handle my SSH shenanigans
  • Filezilla FTP for any GUI based file transactions needed

Admittedly, the above covered about 99% of everything I needed to do. Over the last few days or so, I made do with an almost similar compromise in Windows:

  • Sublime Text 3 works just as well in Windows for coding and development!
  • Git Bash – which comes with Git for Windows is pretty darn great too! It’s a very nice alternative to the Windows Command Prompt, and works much

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Going Mobile…? Desktop?

So, it’s been quite a while! Today I’d like to make a fairly quick post about my most recent toy, and the impact it’s actually had (within 24 hours - that’s pretty impressive!) on the way I’m working and doing eLeague.gg stuff!

Behold, my newest gadget (toy) - the Gigabyte P57X-1070-603S:

It’s a pretty big 17" Laptop, with the new GeForce 10 series graphics cards built into it (a Geforce GTX 1070 to be exact). It’s a device of many firsts for me:

  • My first gaming dedicated laptop
  • My first $2500+ laptop
  • My first 17" laptop
  • My first attempt at rolling everything I do into a single machine, realistically

It’s the fourth point that I’m going to be rambling on about today. Prior to owning this laptop, I was always a fan of the MacBook Air - using it in excess of 8 hours a day, I was essentially surgically grafted to it. It let me move around and still keep up coding.

The way I worked

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You get a Dashboard! You get a Dashboard! Everybody gets a Dashboard!

Designing something suitable for eLeague.gg has been a real challenge. In no small part thanks to the fact that whilst we are starting as a LAN party, we aren’t exactly a LAN party, too.

We’ve got plans to involve all sorts of data collation, API methods and intelligence services which suits our online tournaments in conjunction with our LAN party events. With this, it means we’ll need a very different, much more robust system. And so, our site very quickly begins to start taking shape (from a high level overview) as a dashboard/web application.

And so, on that basis, we’ll be taking the Dashboard/App path. It’ll be a very interesting layout, and won’t be as exciting as the original version of the eLeague.gg site, if only because we’re aiming to get functionality and information delivered to the users first; I’m hoping we can expand our team with a brilliant designer in the near

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Changing with the seasons

One of the big gripes I have about my current to-do list with eLeague.gg is that I’m almost buried in the work required for developing the website. It actually genuinely gets in the way of something that I think might be even more important to eLeague’s operations – communicating with the community.


We haven’t quite explained it clearly although people can probably guess from our event naming that eLeague.gg operates on a seasonal calendar - with our BYOC acting as the ‘launch’ event of the season. Contrary to popular belief, these events are not our grand finals although they do host them, for example:

  • Autumn BYOC - hosts Summer Finals, launches Autumn
  • Winter BYOC - hosts Autumn Finals, launches Winter
  • Spring BYOC - hosts Winter Finals, launches Spring
  • Summer BYOC - hosts Spring Finals, launches Summer

With such frequent, eSport level events; there’s a lot to learn that some

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Designing deployment methods for a growing startup tech team

eLeague.gg is rapidly growing behind the scenes, and this is especially true in regards to the tech development team behind the scenes.


Our current development team consists entirely of one person (yours truly) and my duties involve:

  • Coding behind all the site’s actions (more on this later)
  • Designing everything visitors see on the site
  • Writing all the content on the site
  • Designing the structure of the site, processes and user flow

Not to mention all the maintenance involved…! So the obvious solution, is to bring on board more people! The exceptionally talented1 :

  • PSmith a long time LAN party regular at my events and volunteer admin both at my events, and at PAX Australia
  • SirSquidness the well known server/network/LAN guy from Respawn LAN, Melbourne (also same for PAX Aus PC Area)

 So…. What’s the problem?

Well, since I started out running LAN parties, and doing gaming events

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